Ivanacara Adoketa

Hello all!
I know it has been a loooong time since my last post, yet here is another, and I hope all of you had a great Christmas and New Year!

This post will be a short one about a jewel of a South American dwarf Cichlid called Ivanacara adoketa. This fish recently was placed into it’s own genus within the last few years, when previously it was put under (it’s now closest relative) genus of Nannacara. Ever since I found out about this fish from a close friend, I’ve been on the lookout for wild specimens of it. Only within the last year or two have I seen a large influx of wild specimens.

I was told this fish is difficult to get a hold of, all the more added to the rarity of this fish. In my opinion, even out of Nannacara, this specific fish is gorgeous, with long and tall finnage, bright metallic colors and eye-catching patterns. There is a catch though, unfortunately, this species is very territorial and aggressive, to males and females of the species alike, if a male does not like what he sees, he will continuously give chase. There is clear sexual dimorphism, the picture shown is of a male, and females are much more drab all around. Like many other South American dwarf cichlids, this one prefers clean very soft and acidic water. This fish can also get quite large (in terms of dwarf cichlids in general) where it can reach a length of about 4-5 inches, the specimen pictured below was about 4 ½ inches long. That size along with it’s territorial behavior, demands that whomever decides to keep this fish, will need to take the “space” issue into consideration.

Ivanacara Adoketa

I hope you enjoyed this short post about the beautiful Ivanacara adoketa, I will definitely try to post more often, but for now, thanks for visiting!