Bucephelandra sp.”Kayu Lapis”

Hello again!
This is the 2nd installment of my series on a variety of different Bucephelandra! The variety I will be covering today is one of my favorites, B.”Kayu Lapis”, and boy is it a BEAUTY!

This like most Bucephelandra is not difficult to keep and slow-growing, but this particular one is even slower growing than the Buceph. in my previous post (“Kualakuayan”#1) which was already quite a slow-growing variety. For the reason previously stated, this one tends to demand a higher price, for it’s unique characteristics, and it’s very slow-growing nature. Whereas B.”Kualakuayan”#1 grows/spreads horizontally, this variety grows more vertically than in any other direction.

B.Kayu Lapis
B.Kayu Lapis1

As the name implies, it comes from the town of “Kayu Lapis” in the Kalimantan Barat region of Borneo. I am currently trying to find the specific whereabouts of this variety, although once can assume it comes from a town nearby called “Kayu Lapis”.
Kalimantan Barat

The unique characteristics of this variety is as follows:
1. One of the smaller varieties of Bucephelandra
2. Very narrow leaves, maybe 1/3 in. wide max, and a leaf length of about 2 in.
3. There is a significant amount of tight ruffling around the edges of the whole leaf.
4. A vertical growing Buceph. variety
B.Kayu Lapis2

Well I hope you enjoyed this 2nd installment of my Bucephelandra series!
Keep checking back for the next installment!
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