Anubias nana “Stardust”

Today I will be doing a short write-up on one of my favorite Anubias! It goes by the name of Anubias nana “Stardust”. While this variety is nothing new, it has been quite elusive for some reason. I first got my hands on it about 8+ years ago, it was quite common here in Japan, I bought a large pot with 20+ leaves for 1100 yen, or roughly $13. I eventually lost the plant a year or so later, as I was not yet very skilled at growing aquatic plants, yes I know it’s an Anubias, and they are indestructible! I was that bad! 😛 At any rate, after I lost it, I kept my eyes open for it for years and years. I often came back here to Japan year after year, with that plant on my list of “must-have” plants, but only recently have I seen it again, 8+ years later!


The defining characteristics as you can see in the pictures, is that there is a white vein that goes right down the middle of the leaves. The 3 pictures above are of young specimens, the white vein becomes more bright/wider and from that main vein, white “fork” lines go outward laterally across the leaf when the plant itself becomes older and more mature. The picture below is not my own, but you can get an idea of what I am speaking of by taking a look at it.

Yes all of these pictures are of emersed specimens, but just like any other Anubias, it does well both in and out of water. The requirements and growth patterns of this particular variety is no different from any other Anubias.
A little teaser for you, this plant will be making it’s way to the US via myself and a good friend of mine, so keep you eyes open if you want to get your hands a piece of this aroid beauty!
Have a good one people!
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